Free BLOG course

This is a Free Blog course by Vardankur. He is providing a complete knowledge on how you can start your own blog even if you don't have any technical knowledge. Not only that he is also helping you to understand how you can actually monetize your blog, in simple words how you can earn through your blog. Apply Now


Have you ever wondered how to start a blog, or what are blog websites and even more can you make money using your blog? Here is your answer to all your questions and curiosity. I welcome you all to my EXCLUSIVE course on BLOG which is absolutely FREE Course.

Also, This course contains the value and Information on how to start a blog. Furthermore, how to create a blog even if have zero (0) technical knowledge and in addition, you will also learn how you can make money using your blog. Unlike so many other resources on the internet, this course is completely free of cost with the full knowledge base and tutorials and tools and study materials and an active forum to solve your queries.

Therefore, in conclusion, Learn this course and you will have a clear understanding of a Blog and domains and hosting.


Finally, Monetization covered in any of these modules as we’re having a separate course completely dedicated to Monetization only, That would cover how to make money using your website/ Blog, YouTube anf Facebook as well. Do check out our monetization course.

Table of Content Study Material Duration
Chapter 1 What is Blog and it’s History 1 Video, 1 Article 15 minutes
Chapter 2 What can I do with my Blog? 1 Video 10 minutes
Chapter 3 What is Domain & Hosting 1 Video, 1 Article | Tools 18 minutes
Chapter 4 Starting my Beginner Blog 1 Video, 1 Article 15 minutes
Chapter 5 Do’s and Don’t for a Blog 1 Video, 1 Presentation 06 minutes
Chapter 6 Understanding WordPress 1 Video 10 minutes
Chapter 7 Advance Blog I 1 Video | Tools 15 minutes
Chapter 8 Advance Blog II 1 Video | Tools 20 minutes
Chapter 9 Summary & Conclusion 1 Video 10 minutes
Chapter 10 Tasks and Challenges 1 Video 05 minutes