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Digital Marketing Conference Kolkata

Digital Marketing Conference Kolkata

DMConference KolKata

I Vardankur Sinha,am very much glad to mention that I have been the part of this Digital Marketing Conference Kolkata for the first time and gratitude received from the Initiators themselves Mr. Shashank Srivastava and Mr. Pranav Jha.

Digital Marketing Conference is one of the very first Initiative taken by few great Digital Marketeers in India, who wanted to connect the community with the real time learning and performance based value where they want to bring the best of Digital Marketeers having the core expertise in their respective field to the audience who want to do something real and tangible.

Kolkata in itself is a classy and vintage metro city in India, from Victoria Palace to 

M. P. Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, to Houghly river to our very own venue for Digital marketing conference , that is Birla Industrial & Technological Museum. Definitely there is a reason to call Kolkata – The city of Joy.

This time people did witness Digital Marketing Conference Buzz Again at Kolkata.

This Mega conference of Digital marketing was completely focused on learning greatest practical tips from Digital Marketing Experts with a lot of Case Studies, Personal Master classes, and an Exact Road map to Build your Digital Marketing Career.  

Yes, this time #DMConference is happening at Kolkata for Full Day with FREE food of course, we take care of our visitors.

Here is the itinerary for the event:

Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 9 AM – 6 PM
about 1 week ago

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum
19A Gurusaday Road, Kolkata 700019

Hosted by Digital Marketing Conference


People from different genre Joined this big movement and learned, earned, networked and found opportunities to grow in Digital World together.

With amazing set of young to matured business owners it was quite a delight moment to watch them all together at one place in favor of Digital marketing to grow their professional world.

Below are the Glimpse of the DM Conference Event in Kolkata

DMConference 11
vardankur dmconference

We had an amazing audience for sure who were accompanied by amazing speakers and had a great Digital Marketing Conference where speakers across India participated to provide value to their audience.

 Special Case Study and Practical learning on SEO, Fb Ads, PBN Network Building
 Building Micro Niche Blogs that makes from $10 to $1000 every month
 Learn Art of Scaling Business on next level Via Google Ads

 Learning the future and scope of Search engine when it comes to Google.
 Lead Generation and Funnel Marketing through winning Facebook Campaigns

 Decoding the Algorithm of YouTube for the organic growth
 Learn Art of Ecom Business with complete Guidelines

1. Mr. Amar Krishna Jha

– from Amara Concept Digital who explained on how to generate leads. with his triple F formula.

2. Mr. Pranav Jha

– from AP Web World who explained Google ads
and it’s optimization to get high end clients on regular basis.

3. Mr. Subhajit Biswas

who is an E-commerce expert and gave a detailed info on how you can too build a profitable E commerce platform.

4. Mr. Shashank Srivastava

form Iamshashank was there to illuminate his presence with making people money in a snap with his micro niche techniques.

5. Mr. Aman Shams 

from SkimBox, he did an amazing job explaining the future of SEO and the very updated info was mind blowing.

6. Mr. Vardankur Sinha

That was me and I have delivered on the topic of “Decoding YouTube Algorithm for Organic growth in YouTube”

Watch the exclusive video of "Decoding YouTube Algorithm for Organic Growth" by Vardankur by clicking Below and get the premium presentation used in this keynote for absolutely no cost, It's FREE

Click Below and get the premium presentation to grow on YouTube used in this keynote for absolutely no cost, It's FREE

Digital Marketing is now not just booking but getting over crowded day by and also unlike few years ago people are more educated and have the knowledge of Digital Marketing as they understand that this era of Digital will grow their business whether they are in B2B or B2C or Entrepreneurship or they want to make money on line.

Having this there are a lot of mentors or i should say the practitioners in their respective field who understand their expertise with the responsibility that it has to be productive enough o help small medium business grow and should be cost effective as well.

A lot of information and knowledge is out there for free but it has issues like:


  1. Not complete Information
  2. All the Information are not in sequence, hence you miss on important step
  3. It doesn’t have the mental understanding of audience as where they are in terms of their understanding
  4. user have to cope up with the quality or quantity of information they are being provided with
  5. Practiced information which actually can be a cost effective mechanism in marketing, is always kept away from users
  6. They always have start from scratch
  7. When you’re looking for specific things on line then you might not exactly find the solution

Keeping all these things in mind “Digital Marketing Conference” became one the great source where people can come and spend time with the practitioners whether its SEO Ranking, Google Ads, E-Commerce, Video Marketing, Lead Generation or Social Media.


All day long my experience was that all the speakers put in huge amount of effort to give such updated informations with practical implementations and proofs which gives a confidence and a sense to audience that they can take away the best key techniques which they can do on their own to leverage online marketing for themselves, no matter whatever their objectives are.


I believe the speakers including me had a great epic time at the conference along with all the people who joined us together and not to forget the pioneers and the back end team without whom this couldn’t have been even possible.

Organizing such an event is not a piece of cake at all, and making it so valuable to the audience is even harder, so Hats off to Mr. Shashank Srivastava and Mr. Pranav Jha, and of course Amara Concepts Digital and their incredible team for putting immense efforts to pull this off along with all the amazing speakers who made it to Kolkata Digital Marketing Conference from all over India.

We will see you again in another Digital Marketing Conference, which is predicated to be conducted in “New Delhi”, the capital and heart of the nation.


Let us know if you have anything to say and would love to answer any questions if you have.



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