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Campaign Objectives in Facebook | Traffic, Reach, Conversion

Campaign Objectives in Facebook | Traffic, Reach, Conversion etc.

What is Campaign Objectives in Facebook?

Campaign Objectives in Facebook is mandatory to achieve the desired goal like getting website/ blog traffic to our website or a blog, or If we want more sales in case we have a product to sell on website or even we can generate inquiry for our business using Facebook paid marketing.

We always need to create a marketing campaign in order to achieve what we want in Facebook too.

For doing so we use Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign there.

Every Campaign ( Marketing activity) runs around an objective (goal), In Facebook we have multiple objectives that can be achieved.

Here are the different types of Campaign Objectives in Facebook provides us and each of them is further classified into their sub Objectives:

  1. Awareness Campaign Objective in Facebook
  2. Brand Building Campaign Objective in Facebook
  3. Reach Campaign Objective in Facebook
  4. Consideration Campaign Objective in Facebook
  5. Traffic Campaign Objective in Facebook
  6. Engagement Campaign Objective in Facebook
  7. Post Engagement Campaign Objective in Facebook
  8. Page Likes Campaign Objective in Facebook

                                           iii. Event Responses Campaign Objective in Facebook

  1. App Installation Campaign Objective in Facebook
  2. Video Views Campaign Objective in Facebook
  3. Lead Generation Campaign Objective in Facebook
  4. Messages Campaign Objective in Facebook
  5. Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook
  6. Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook
  7. Catalog Sale Campaign Objective in Facebook
  8. Store Visit Campaign Objective in Facebook


So, Basically All the Campaign Objective in Facebook and it’s explanation has been given here, continue reading to know more about these campaign objectives in Facebook in detail.

Awareness Campaign Objective in Facebook

Alright, so let me tell what these objectives exactly means!

The very first thing what we have is “Awareness Campaign Objective in Facebook Ad”.

Here we have two different options, I have something called

  1. Brand Awareness Campaign Objective in Facebook
  2. Reach Campaign Objective in Facebook

So, what is the difference between these two?

Brand Awareness Objective – I can do Brand Awareness using Facebook marketing where in Facebook will be showing our Ad which we will create to our target audience over and over again  so that our audience will be able to recall our brand whenever they will look for product or services in our category.

Reach Objective – Whether in Reach Objective in Facebook Marketing will focus on to reach out to unique people so that my ad gets visible to more number of my target audience within Facebook. So more number of people gets aware about my business.

Consideration Campaign Objective in Facebook

Consideration Campaign Objective in Facebook is used when we want our target audience to interact with us by visiting our website or watching our videos or by filling up a form and much more.

Basically, we want our user to interact with whatever we are trying to provide them.

for example: we want people to visit our website or say we have traffic objective campaign then we usually have a “Learn More” button in our ad which encourage people to visit my website.

Image below is a demonstration of how it looks.

after that we have the list and explanation of what Facebook objective provides us in terms of consideration campaign

Campaign Objectives in Facebook

So let’s discuss Consideration Objective one by one in detail:

Traffic campaign in Facebook: This objective as shown above in the Image will allow you run an ad on Facebook with a “Learn More” call to action so that you can receive maximum traffic to your landing page.

Engagement Campaign in Facebook: This objective is all about gaining engagement within the Facebook environment, like getting attention on your post or getting likes on your page or getting responses for the events.

It can further be classified into these three:

  1. Post Engagement Campaign in Facebook: Heard of “BOOST POST” in Facebook? So, here it is, Yes you guessed it right getting engagement on a specific post of your FB page is “Boost Post” and apart from that  you do not fulfill your any other goals.

Try to understand that, we’re talking about a specific post on our FB Page for which we need to gain engagement meaning people are linking/ reacting to that particular post, people comment and share that post whatever they like user’s do that, and these kinds of engagement we can get on our FB Page.

  1. Page Likes Campaign in Facebook: If you really want to gain some real likes and followers this sub-objective of “Engagement objective” in Facebook will be responsible for the same.

We need to have a lot of people who know about my page and once I share something, some post, it gets distributed among the people who like my page (Organically/ Free).

People who have already liked my page or who are already following the page then if I am sharing a post from page, it will get distributed amongst the fans of the page so we can increase the popularity of the page by showing the page to the people who are having the similar interest using my Facebook campaign.

It is the will of the user whether they want to like/ follow the page or not.

iii. Event Responses Campaign in Facebook: If you have a upcoming event and want to spread out the word for the same in your target location and audience and also seeking some response then we have the Event Response objective in Facebook Marketing.

Which is again a sub objective of Engagement objective under consideration.

People who are using Facebook are probably familiar with an option “Events”, which you can create using your personal profile account or FB group and You can create a Facebook event using your Page as well.

When you create an Event, people respond to it if they’re interested let’s say that you have an event coming up and if you’re having an upcoming event wherein you want to reach out to a lot of people who probably wish to participate in the event, in that case you can select this objective.

App Installation Campaign in Facebook: This Objective encourage people to download and install your mobile application.

We need to have an existing mobile App already on to the Google Play Store or Apple store in order to achieve this app installation objective in facebook.

Video Views Campaign in Facebook: This is the objective where people will see your video through the facebook ad campaign.

Often, I have been asked this question, are we talking about YouTube videos or are we talking about Facebook Videos or are we talking about those videos which has been shared on Facebook and are from YouTube, Alright!

So, the video views objective what we have here this been explicitly Facebook Videos which we upload on Facebook, this is not video views which we you know. That we take the link from YouTube and share it on Facebook and I want views on my YouTube channel.

This isn’t going to work. You have to upload a video on Facebook platform itself and then you have to get a video view using this particular Objective.

Lead Generation Campaign in Facebook: This is one of the very popular objectives of facebook marketing and help business to get user’s details like their name, phone, email id and more who are interested.

this Lead generation advertisement has a lot of things going on with it, there is a lot of things and there is a lot of  sayings that this particular lead generation advertisement objective doesn’t work!

This particular lead generation a doesn’t give me qualified leads which is some what “TRUE”, Let me explain, First of all this lead generation objective is used when you need certain information of a user when you don’t have a landing page, when you don’t have a website.

Meaning, you can of course generate leads without a website using this objective, But when you go local or when you go in a niche this might not work but when you go into the local market or when you select few cities this might work properly.

We’ve observed in recent years is like 60% to 70% leads what we receive from lead generation objective is a junk lead and which are inappropriate, we don’t need it and most of the time the money goes waste into facebook advertisement.

You might not have a landing page to run an advertisement which can create or generate leads for you but this lead generation is not fully going to work for you. It’s always like 60%, 70% or even 80% leads are junk leads which are not qualified users will say like I haven’t filled the form, or I have filled it by mistake or it has been auto done and I didn’t want that ad at this particular time or I was just watching it and like I clicked it by mistake, So these are the things we will be listening a lot if we use Lead Generation objective.

Although, If your target location is huge and you’re going to work in a specific niche this particular objective may work for you to some extent.

This is also tried and True!

So what can we if this particular lead Generation objective doesn’t work properly? Let us see down the line.

Messages Campaign in Facebook: When you want to throw your ad in your target audience’s messenger inbox you have to select the objective as messages in Facebook ads manager which is the last objective under consideration.

In this message section you can run an advertisement wherein people will be able to see your advertisement within their Inbox (Facebook Messenger), Your target audience will receive the advertisement in their Inbox directly.

So this is all about consideration marketing objective in Facebook.

Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook

Conversion Campaign Objective:

Have you ever wondered how a company is able to generate more number of qualified lead, or how e-commerce website ads are performing so well that they end up making a lot of sales, How a business exactly understand what you have looked on their website and they can follow you through out the INTERNET?

Well this all can be achieved by using your website with the Facebook Marketing Campaign and Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook is hugely responsible for all of these amazing tactical marketing moves.

We have the Conversion Campaign Objective types listed below:

  1. Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook
  2. Catalog Sales Campaign Objective in Facebook
  3. Store Visits Campaign Objective in Facebook

Conversion Campaign Objective in Facebook: This objective will allow and encourage users to drive valuable actions on your website and even messengers.

Here are the list of things you can do:

  1. Sell your product from website and map the behavior.
  2. Lead generation from your users.
  3. Perform some event like Subscription, Video Watch on web page
  4. Re targeting those people who have visited the website but haven’t took any action
  5. Create Custom Audience and look a like audience

and there is much more to do.

While implementing these we need to have a conversion tracking code in our website which will not only be able to  see and capture the behavior of my users but also it will keep a communication between facebook Ads manager and the website to exchange information like:

  • How many people are actually visiting our website
  • How many are purchasing our products
  • How many are registering through our website
  • What is happening when users are actually going from my ad to website and then off my website

The conversion code is provided by the facebook itself and is known as “Facebook Pixel“.

I will write a separate article on how to setup Facebook Pixel with your website to do all of the above things.

Catalog Sales Campaign Objective in Facebook: 

This objective allows you to create a Facebook Campaign which will automatically show items in your ad directly from catalog.

We will have to create a catalog with products within Facebook itself .

Store Visits Campaign Objective in Facebook: 

This particular campaign is going to encourage users to visit the local store in your target location and in your target audience.

One of the interesting things you can do with this campaign is you can cross check if people walking in into your store have actually coming by seeing your ads by uploading their data like email and Phone number in to Facebook directly.

You can watch the video tutorial I have made to understand the Facebook Campaign Objectives:

This is the 2nd video in the series of “Facebook Marketing” guide by Vardankur.

If you have missed the 1st Part here is the link:



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