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Effect of Social Media

Effect of Social Media

Just imagine a life without social media, got a minor heart attack? Don’t worry its normal. You ask anybody who is on the social network and they will suffer the same. What’s social media? In normal terms, its is a channel of communication like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Media is criticized as well as liked by many. People believe social has to lead to the seclusion of many but people forget those people are already introverted. If you talk about a person like me I being an introvert, like social media because there, I do not have to think before speaking, I can be ME, I don’t get petrified with the insights of people because I know I am in a virtual world.

Social media has paved the way to effective communication by almost everyone out there screaming to be heard. I am an earnest believer of the pros of social media or Digital Media.

  • People who earlier had no friends due to various aberrations, now share deep bonds with people.
  • People who stammer, now socialize very fast with the help of messages, pictures etc. 
  • Nobody can judge you like the people in the real world do.

Media can be instant as well as tedious. The time we get in between helps us in coming up with greater ideas, views, and thoughts.

Who won’t love to get socialized? You can interact with your ideas on Twitter, you can follow them on Instagram, you can talk to your friends overseas and you don’t get trapped by that anxiety.


I am a firm believer of social media’s contribution to socialization. It has tied the world together. The sharing is not just about emotions but ideas, of facts and figures, thus, has made the world a better place to live in.

Here is a trivia question for you: “How many of you have met your friends on Social after 3 years, 5 Years, or 8 years or even more?”

We would love to answer you back on your perception or to celebrate the like mind thoughts

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