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Internet, Website & Social Media – Huge Scope in India

“Internet, Website & Social Media – Huge Scope in India – If you do not understand this you’re going to lose”


Today, 99% of the businesses do not market in the year we live in that is 2017-18 and underestimate Digital Marketing Scope. We at Orbosys Corporation in Dehradun do not just design and develop websites and applications but also try to extend the hands of our clients into the world of Internet and digital media, so that they can market and position themselves at the place where everyone’s attention is.

Remember 5 yearsw3xs ago when none of us were comfortable and even made a statement that we’re never going to buy stuff online? Also, stated that why would we sign up with Facebook? Now many of us have accounts up. Below is a sample data: 

“India’s e-commerce market was worth about USD 3.8 billion in 2009, it went up to USD 17 billion in 2014 and to USD 23 billion in 2015 and is expected to touch whopping USD 38 billion marks by 2016” – Assocham said in a statement.

People are looking, buying and asking for services and products online – that my friend is the phenomenon just happening, that is the single place where I am trying to live in, that is what you’re thinking while reading this you won’t do in online marketing and what I know what you’re going to do, that is the white space in which I will deliver the value to the businesses!

I want to make people aware that we’re living through the greatest cultural shift of human communication. The pre-internet world which by the way existed, and there was a time when your 9 to 6 job at least got over, now there is none of that anymore. I mean a decade ago nothing that matters today existed, like smartphones, internet, website, apps and now we are all into a 24*7*365 world. Today, everybody is on a computer, tablets, Smartphones connected to the internet all the time. Your phone has become the most important thing in the world, I mean you would rather want to lose your wallet than your phone, and beat this question:

How many of you, in your 24-hour window (Including when you’re sleeping), are always within arm’s reach of your phone?

This is how consumer behavior have changed over the last decade, Regardless of what you do for your living every one of us is connected by one truth that matters to every person, before we tell them how great our business is and what we can do as a service provider or you’re a great agency, before you tell anything to your consumer you need the most important commodity in the world “ATTENTION”. My meaning of not marketing in the year we live in is what we’re doing now more than ever is wasting real big money on places where people are not paying attention to as much, We are not marketing & storytelling where people are actually in 2016 and doing it where we have always done it.

A million people from age 13 to 55 including the people who are decision makers and those people that influence the decision maker within organization spend multiple hours on social media every single day.

So, the theory is if you’re running a business and you do not have a website and have zero knowledge of what’s going on with Facebook, Spending a lot on printed media and more importantly if you’re underestimating the shift of Internet and social media then it’s time to wake up. The market, Advertise, Sale and operate in 2016 or else you are more than welcome to advertise and capture people’s attention in a place we left a long time ago.

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