Traditional vs Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Traditional vs Digital Marketing: Still stuck with traditional marketing? Still struggling to distribute your pamphlets’ all over the market. All business struggles with traditional marketing at one point or the other.

Traditional marketing refers to marketing through every other marketing source except digital marketing; it includes TV advertisements, brochures, and billboards, advertisements on newspaper, magazines and so forth.

Now, what is digital marketing, a question asked by almost every marketer?

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising through the digital means such as websites, social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Emails and so forth. This is digital era and no one can deny the fact that there are immense possibilities in digital marketing.

Which way will a company get bang for its buck is the core of this comparison?

The juxtaposition between Traditional vs Digital Marketing.


As far as cost is concerned digital marketing is the most cost effectual. If we talk about billboards, the print cost is costly and getting it up is another tedious task.

But we can’t out focus the approach of a newspaper advertisement. But overall digital marketing is better because of its approach at a minimum cost. The customer overseas could be achieved at the same cost a billboard is set up for a local audience.


With just a single click million of users could be achieved with the help of digital marketing but isn’t possible in case of traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is limited to a particular audience but digital marketing approach is limitless.


Going digital means you can have an eye on the number of visitors, the conversion, the purchases sales and so forth but it’s impossible in case of traditional marketing. The billboards are seen by the people but how many get in to purchase or finally becomes the customer always remain unknown.


The digital marketing follows two-way communications but it seems vague if we talk about the traditional marketing. The advertisements we get in the newspaper are just the print and message conveyed by the advertiser it doesn’t involve their reaction. But in case of traditional marketing, the consumer perception becomes the foundation of marketing.


If we talk about traditional marketing how often have you seen anything getting viral due to billboards or magazines? It’s as rare as it seems. But it’s common if we talk about digital marketing. Digital marketing paves a way to globalization.


People believe that internet is just another home for fraudsters. But we shouldn’t neglect the fact that what has virtual presence has a physical presence too thus the fraud depends on our level of awareness. Thus the fact that digital marketing isn’t effective and efficient should be waved off. The traditional marketing is tangible but it doesn’t guarantee the reliability.

All business struggles with determining which one to espouse, whether it should be traditional marketing or it should be digital marketing or both. The quest of one surpassing the other continues. It’s the digital era and no one can deny the fact that digital marketing is getting prominent. We can’t say just traditional marketing should be waved off because, after digital marketing, the traditional marketing comes into play.

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